Amazing Drone Footage from Stu Gibson

Breath taking video footage shot from a drone by Stu Gibson Photography. Note the kitesurfing shots at 0:56.


How to choose the right wetsuit

how to choose the right wetsuit

Proper wetsuit selection will help maximize your time on the water.

When choosing a wetsuit there are three main factors to consider.

  • Thickness
  • What sport you will be using your wetsuit for
  • Price
  • Comfort

With that in mind, selecting the right suit using this criteria will help you choose which suit to purchase. has a large selection of wetsuits from brands like Xcel, O’Neill and Neil Pryde.


A wetsuits thickness is one main factors that play into how warm you’ll be while you in or on the water. When choosing a wetsuit, consider your environment before you make a purchase. If you live in the Pacific Northwest, you’ll most likely want to go with a 5/4/3mm or a 4/3 mm wetsuit. A 5/4/3 mm wetsuit means that the suit is 5mm thick in the chest, 4mm thick in the shoulders and upper legs, and 3mm thick in the arms and lower legs. These wetsuits mentioned are generally the standard thickness for choosing the right wetsuit for winter conditions


Wetsuits need to be maneuverable, depending on what you’re using your wetsuit for, you may want to choose wetsuits to be thicker for certain activities. For sports where you stay submerged in water for long periods of time such as free diving. A 7mm wetsuits offer maximum warmth but with minimum mobility.

If you’re surfing, It’s typical to choose a wetsuit that offers good mobility and and thickness.

For kiteboarding, the majority of your time riding will be spent above the water and you will be more susceptible to being affected by the wind. Drysuits or 6/5/4 mm wetsuits will offer the most protection and warmth.


Make sure your wetsuit is comfortable before you go out on the water. Try it on and if it doesn’t fit correctly, send it back and we’ll exchange it for you at no cost.


Mission 5/4/3 Full Suit

Mission Full Suit 5/4/3 offers the lowest prices on wetsuits. We have a great deal on the Neil Pryde Mission 5/4/3 wetsuit that is made for all water sports disciplines including surfing, stand up paddle boarding, kiteboarding, kitesurfing and wakeboarding. Priced affordably to get everyone out on the water at $199. The Mission has watertight seams to prevent from leakage and a tight neck gasket to prevent flushing.


Hopefully this article has helped you in the process of choosing the right wetsuit. For more information on different wetsuits head to our online store at

Foilboarding for Everybody – The Liquid Force FoilFish

Kiteboarding magazines and videos are filled with amazing riders, beautiful women, and tropical waters. Perfect photographs are framed with extreme contortions of athletic bodies over tranquil background settings . In magazine land, everything looks easy.


But then there is the rest of us. We love to kiteboard as much as anyone else, but we have kids and jobs and don’t get to kiteboard in tropical paradise unless we are on vacation. For the “Everyone Else” out there, how do we get our excitement while fitting in the rest of our busy lives?
We Foil Board.

For as little as $1149, you can get into foilboarding by buying the foil kit and attaching the rig onto a board that you already own. If you don’t want to take on that task, for $1599 you can get the complete setup, including the board and the foil together. Each piece of the Liquid Force foil is modular, meaning if you break a part, you can replace just that one part instead of having to replace the entire unit. (This also makes the board pack down really well for travel in the included foil bag).


Instead of using carbon fiber, Liquid Force has chosen to use Aluminum and fiberglass in its construction. Carbon is great for the rich and racing, but aluminum and fiberglass are perfect materials for the rest of us. Initially my thought was that aluminum construction would make a heavy board, but in reality, the entire setup weighs less than many carbon foilboard setups out there, and is much more durable for the everyday kiteboader. Go ahead and toss it in the back of your car…. it has been built to take abuse. It was also made for the first time foiler. ( Yes, the fuselage is solid impact-eating aluminum…. but only weighs 2lbs.

Aluminum wing.

Aluminum wing.

If you already have a Liquid Force Kite Fish or another board that you think would work as a foil board (and you are the engineering type), we offer a BYOB foil kit by itself for $1149. I was able to get my original KiteFish setup with a foil in about 30 minutes after a trip to the hardware store to buy some caulk and the proper sized drill bit.

We have KiteFish in stock at KitePaddleSurf although they are already selling fast. There hasn’t been a board this nice for this price ever, and people are realizing that it is a new way to spend more time on the water, especially in the light wind areas.

From Shop owner Andy Holmes

Read the full post here.

Fresh In: 2015 Liquid Force KiteFish Foil

The new 2015 Liquid Force KiteFish Foil has arrived. Liquid Force has designed and developed what they describe as, “The foil for the people.” The people wanted foils and Liquid Force delivered.

2015 kite fish foil

Foil boarding is one of the newest water sports to become popular. Originating in Maui, Foilboarding revolutionises light wind kiting. Because of the intelligent design of the fiberglass wings, every ability of kiter can make the most of those light wind days.

What’s unique about Liquid Forces Foil wing is the low aspect ratio design, making the ride smoother and forgiving even when the rider shifts their weight around. It’s made out of aluminum and fiberglass to help keep repair costs low. The top of the line foil wing was made to be sure it’s easy to use along with being affordable.

FullSizeRender (3)

The foil comes unassembled in a durable case. Assembling the foil is relatively easy. Liquid Force provides an easy to read instruction guide. Make sure to not over tighten the screws when securing the foil to the board. This could lead to cracking and stripping of the screws.


The 2015 Liquid Force KiteFish Foil is made for one thing. Having Fun. Because this is LF’s first market release of a foil board, we can expect there to be changes made in the future, specifically to the foil design. Liquid Force has made the design friendly enough to allow for for new wings to be replaced on to the fuselage and for different boards to be used.

FullSizeRender (1)

Overall, this KiteFish Foil looks insanely fun for light wind days. This is the future of kiting and the future is here.

Tips for buying cold water wetsuits

coldwater surfing wetsuit

Wetsuits are a must in cold water.

There are some key factors to consider when you purchase a winter wetsuit. Here is a wetsuit selection guide that can help you narrow things down depending on the water temperature your in.

Water Temperature Wetsuit
80 to 74 degrees boardshorts
73 to 66 degrees 2mm Neoprene top or shorty
65 to 58 degrees 2mm Long Sleeve Springsuit or 3/2mm full suit
58 to 55 degrees 3/2mm full suit + booties
54 to 49 degrees 4/3mm full suit + booties
49 to 43 degrees 5/4mm full suit + booties + hood
42 degrees & below 6/5mm full suit + booties+ hood
Antarctica Dry suit + booties + hood

Recently, water temps have stayed relatively warm here in Washington. Buoys are reading 59 degrees as of Oct. 19. With that being said, a 4/3mm wetsuit without a hood could work, but it would be a stretch. A 5/4 mm wetsuit is ideal for winter time in the Pacific Northwest.

Go to for great deals on cold water wetsuits.